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  • ELEGANT AND BEAUTIFUL SHINE - These translucent large tea lights cups achieve a lovely brighter and warmer light

  • CAN BE TOUCHED AND MOVED - The tea lights cup is not getting hot as the aluminium ones.

  • NO PALM OIL OR PARAFFIN - We only use soy wax


  • LONG LASTING TEA LIGHTS get 4 hours tea lights burning time

  • THE CUP WILL NOT BE MELTED by the flame or heat of the tea light candle

Premium Vegan Soy Wax Tea Lights 4 Hours Transparent Clear Cup Pack of 100

  • ‣ These clear translucent tea lights achieve a lovely brighter and warmer light due to their transparentcup and pure soy wax, contrary to aluminium cup candles which are blocking most of the light.

    There is no palm oil or paraffin used in the manufacturing process of the tea light candles, only soy wax, which helps protecting the environment.

    The cups of these tealights are not getting hot and therefore can be touched and moved without any danger.

    The cup will not be melted by the flame, because of the significant less heat dissipation.

    The wicks safely extinguish once all the wax has been consumed.

    You will get approx 4 hours long burning time with these brilliant shine tea lights candles

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