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Discover our elegant and clean-burning tealight candles, a healthier alternative to regular candles on the market.

  • ELEGANT AND BRILLIANT SHINE: This pack contains 120 unscented tealights, each with approximately 4 hours of burning time. Each candle measures 40 mm (D) x 15 mm (H).

  • NO SOOT OR FUME: Our natural tea lights are crafted from ethically sourced Swedish NON-GMO soy, ensuring a clean burn with no soot or fume emissions.

  • PLASTIC-FREE: Our candles come in 100% recyclable aluminum cups and eco-friendly cardboard packaging.

  • THE PERFECT ALTERNATIVE TO PARAFFIN WAX: Unlike paraffin candles, our tealights burn completely, leaving no wasted wax. Paraffin wax is not only toxic to your health but also inefficient.

  • PERFECT FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE: Create a romantic ambiance at weddings, birthday parties, or in your garden, home, or office with our tealights.

Experience the elegant and brilliant flame of our tealight candles with their clean and healthy burning characteristics.

Pack of 120 Natural Tealights 100% Soy Wax 4 Hours in Aluminium Cup

  • 100% Vegetable Blend Wax

    ‣ Our natural tealights are made from high quality vegetable oils. We are using only responsibly sourced ingredients, NON-GMO and additive free, resulting in a very clean burning.


    100% Aluminium Cup

    ‣100% Recyclable Cup

    ‣100% Cotton Wick; Steel wick sustainer.


    100% Renewable Energy

    ‣ Our factory is using 100% "green" energy, energy from renewable natural processes comes straight from the power of the wind.


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