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  • PACK OF 4 PILLAR CANDLES - 100% sustainable candles made from ethically sourced Swedish NON-GMO and additive-free rapeseed oil, which are natural and renewable raw materials, resulting in a very clean burning with no soot or fume releases. The dimensions of one candle are: 60 mm x 90 mm.
  • OUR PURE CANDLES - save more than 60% CO2 when burning compared to conventional candles and are only supplied in plastic-free packaging.
  • SELF EXTINGUISHING SYSTEM - prevents wax from being fed to the wick of the safe candles from a certain length. This leads to the self-extinguishing of the candle and thus significantly reduces the risk of fire. The wick holder also ensures that less heat is dissipated downwards, which in turn increases safety.
  • HIGH QUALITY - Coraz Home guarantee an even burning of the candles, with a long burning time, approx. 25 hours from each candle, which will transform the atmosphere in your home sweet and cosy.
  • NO MORE PLASTIC - the pollution can be reduced. Every choice can have a massive impact on the world!

4 White Pillar Candles Unscented Natural Wax 60 mm x 90 mm Each Candle

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  • 100% Pure Natural Pillar Candles

                ‣  Coraz Home candles are made from natural and renewable raw materials. We use a vegetal stearin/rapeseed wax mixture that comes from a European harvest and gives the candle a matt surface. In addition, compared to conventional candles, you save over 60% CO2 when burning.
                ‣  Our candles are packed in plastic-free packaging, in biodegradable Kraft box.
                ‣  The patented of self-extinguishing system prevents wax from being fed to the wick from a certain length, causing it to go out. The wick holder used also prevents too much heat from being dissipated downwards, which also ensures safety.
                ‣  Our classic simple design with a smooth, no-frills surface, it will be a perfect match with your place. The atmosphere in your home will be sweet and cosy.
                ‣  You will get a long burning time, approx . 25 hours from each candle!

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