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Rapeseed Wax Tea Lights: with care for your senses

Updated: May 6, 2020

I dare to ask: Who doesn't have a candle or a tea light in their house?

Even if they are made of paraffin, soy, rapeseed, palm or beeswax many, many people usually use tea lights or/and candles to create a warm atmosphere at home, simply to relax or even related to natural therapies in combination with essential oils. See our organic essential oils

The problem is that the vast majority of candles that we find in the market are made with residues of refined petroleum, residue called paraffin, which in combustion is toxic and can contaminate the air in your home causing problems both in your own health and for the rest of the planet.

There Are Several studies that prove this statement of how a practice that seems so harmless, actually plays with our health. Tests of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and studies of the State University of South Carolina in the USA, confirm how these contaminants that disperse these candles include acetone, benzene, toluene, and lead. Both toluene and benzene are considered human carcinogens.

The American Lung Association warns that paraffin candles can propagate large amounts of toxins in the air inside a home, affecting especially people with respiratory problems, children and pets.

You can talk about many more disadvantages of paraffin candles: the black smoke that is released when burning a candle is exactly the same as when burning fuel, which is not only toxic to your health but also causes dirt in places like the walls; they melt at around 80ºC, expanding the possibilities of producing burns; they do not burn completely but the bottom part remains without consuming and therefore part of the candle is wasted.

Even so, why is the paraffin candle more popular?

Well because for the industry it is much more profitable. Keep in mind that paraffin is a by-product of oil refineries, so the production is very cheap.

I’m not saying don’t use paraffin candles at all, but not inside your home, should only be used outdoors.

As I’m seeing, there are many inconveniences that this type of candle causes. It’s for this reason that 100% natural candles made of rapeseed wax stand out, as a totally ecological and healthy alternative to these conventional paraffin candles.

In the 90's, Michael Richards was looking for a natural alternative to candles made with beeswax and healthier and safer than candles of petrochemical or paraffin origin. After trying different types of vegetable waxes, he opted for the properties that rapeseed offered. He obtained the rapeseed wax from its grain since it extracted its oil, which later turned into solid fat.

Instead, rapeseed wax candles are composed of a renewable natural material which means that its combustion does not give off any type of toxic or carcinogenic substance for our health; rapeseed candles are a natural resource, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly, emit less soot, are safer due to their low melting point, are not toxic, and last longer than traditional paraffin candles, which makes them more economical.

That's why CorazHome creates and promotes only natural tea lights in clear cup and candles for the inside of your home; carefully selecting each detail, since not only 100% natural rapeseed wax candles but also makes sure that the rapeseed wax is non-GMO (non-genetically modified organisms). See our rapeseed wax tea lights

Why is it better to choose tea lights from rapeseed wax?

Rapeseed candles generate 90% less soot than paraffin candles, so their smoke is cleaner and less dirty the house environment like furniture, walls.

  • 100% of the candle is used since they burn completely without leaving any residue.

  • It allows adding natural essential oils instead of synthetic essences so that the properties and aromas of these are better preserved.

  • They have a lower melting point ( 40ºC - 45ºC ), which reduces the risk of burns and helps to preserve the benefits of the natural essential oils they contain since otherwise, they would volatilize.

  • Its combustion is slow, so it is profitable to last 2 or 3 times longer than paraffin.

  • It has a much smoother and more careful texture than conventional candles.

  • They are not allergenic.

Use tea lights rapeseed wax in clear cup with stylish holders for an elegant ambience!

What kind of candles do you use? Are you also encouraged to use natural rapeseed candles?

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