Discover our elegant and brilliant shine of flame into the jar with clean burning!


  • PACK OF 2 CITRONELLA CANDLES in glass jar, 74 mm (H) x 70 mm (D) each jar, made from high quality paraffin wax and cotton wick
  • APPROX. 24 HOURS BURNING TIME FROM EACH CANDLE offering you an impressive, relaxing glow light
  • NATURAL FRAGRANCE OF FRESH CITRONELLA keep away the mosquitoes, insects
  • USE THE COVER JAR for keeping the scent for longer time; FOR RELIGHTING let at last 10 mm of wax
  • PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR OR INDOOR to create an romantic, pleasure, lovely, friendly ambient.

Pack of 2 Candles Citronella Glass Jars Mosquito Repellent 24 Hours Each Candle

  •  ‣  These 2 jars achieve a lovely brighter and warmer light due to their clear jar and high quality of paraffin wax     

     ‣  The jars of these candles are not getting hot and therefore can be touched and moved without any danger.     

     ‣  For relighting leave at least 10 mm of wax      

     ‣  The wicks safely extinguish once all the wax has been consumed.      

     ‣  You will get approx. 24 hours long burning time from each candle jar

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